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The Treasure Huntress Saga

The Treasure Huntress - Book 1 - The Serpent's Fang - Sunbird Books

Book 1 - The Serpent's Fang

An ancient Aztec dagger used in ritual human sacrifice - a simple relic, or a weapon of unfathomable power that must not fall into the wrong hands? Joining forces with the shady Clark Bannicheck, athlete-turned-adventurer Simone Cassidy digs into the mystery of The Serpent's Fang while working to uncover the truth about her family's past.

The Treasure Huntress - Book 2 - The Tomb of Souls - Sunbird Books

Treasure huntress Simone Cassidy is tasked to locate The Fallen Star, a fabled relic with impossible healing abilities. With a ruthless Saudi prince, an unscrupulous weapons dealer, and a vengeful assassin all closing in, Simone finds herself in the most perilous quest of her life.

Book 2 - The Tomb of Souls

The Treasure Huntress - Book 3 - Followers of the Storm - Sunbird Books

A fanatical religious cult has seized a mysterious Viking runestone, putting the life of one of Simone's closest friends in jeopardy. Vowing to return the runestone, Simone sets off on a journey that blurs the lines between ally and enemy, right and wrong, good and evil.

Book 3 - Followers of the Storm

The Treasure Huntress - Book 4 - Buried in the Sky - Sunbird Books

Three mysterious meteors are spotted impacting various parts of the globe, prompting treasure huntress Simone Cassidy back into action. Battling arch nemesis Solomon, his team of hired guns, a rival group of British treasure hunters, and her own team, Simone races from the jungles of western Peru to the mountains of eastern Asia to locate the uniquely powerful meteorites and stop their unfathomably destructive potential from being unleashed.

Book 4 - Buried in the Sky

The Treasure Huntress - Book 5 - Sealed by Fate - Sunbird Books

A startling revelation has turned treasure huntress Simone Cassidy's world upside-down, leaving her with a critical new step to take on her own personal journey. Still reeling from a stunning betrayal and unsure who to trust, Simone gathers what few allies she has left and sets off on her most personal journey yet. But with her enemies regrouped and stronger than ever, Simone faces a threat from her past that she could have never seen coming. 

Book 5 - Sealed by Fate


A plane crash leaves treasure huntress Simone Cassidy stranded on an uninhabited tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. As Clark Bannicheck and his team scramble to rescue her before the formidable mercenary organization SWANN can get to her first, Simone soon realizes her biggest threat may already be on the island ... long dormant, but now awakened. 

Book 6 - The Undiscovered Wonder


Before joining forces with Clark Bannicheck and his team, Simone was about to set off for a promising dig in Egypt. Now, that dig has revealed a secret. With Lestrade hot on her tail and SWANN about to start a full-scale war, Simone races against time to solve an ancient mystery and prevent her enemies from awakening a vengeful goddess of fire and death to harness her otherworldly powers for their own malicious intent. 

Book 7 - The Temple that Time Forgot

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